No ice skating fun at Winters Delft this year

The residents of Delft will unfortunately have to do without the annual ice rink this winter. Due to the restrictive measures surrounding COVID-19, iQ Events does not see any possibility to allow the winter event to take place.

The organization has examined the situation until the last moment, but unfortunately had to decide not to let the Winters Delft skating rink continue this year.

"We would have liked to organize a new edition of Winters Delft in 2020, but there are too many uncertainties to be able to guarantee continuation. With the current restrictive measures, it is also not possible to organize a safe and pleasant ice rink with lots of winter fun. The current 1.5 meter society does not make it possible to organize winter fun in a good and safe way, "said Micha van Herk, owner of iQ-Events.

iQ Events is looking forward to organizing a new edition of Winters Delft in 2021-2022, under normal circumstances.